#24 The “Mike Pence Rule,” Illinois Budget Corruption & Making Your Own Opportunities with CFO Christina Butler-Triem

July 19, 2017

Yes, this is two CFO episodes in a row. 

Christina Butler-Triem (well, just Christina Butler in 2nd grade), is an elementary school friend that I lost track of when my family moved to the north side of Pike County, IL. 

Since then, she became one of the youngest CFO's in state history. 

We talk about the "Mike Pence Rule" (the firestorm around the fact that Mike Pence won't dine with women alone, and that he won't drink alcohol without his wife present)...

...and then get into Illinois government corruption, and how it stems from apathy. 

...finally, we talk about the ethos of Pike County, where people still pull themselves up by their bootstraps. 

Connect with Christina via her blog, http://www.brewedrenovations.com/


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