#23 Desperate Poor, Stupid Poor or Six Figures But Flat Broke with CFO Scott Cooley

July 14, 2017

Scott Cooley, the son of a teacher and construction worker/farmer, grew up with me in Pike County, IL (the second poorest county in the state). He was able to climb to the top of the business game without the money and networking that comes from an upper-middle-to-wealthy upbringing. 

Which leads us to talking about three kinds of financial desperation: 

1. People who are born dirt poor, and struggling to keep food on the table. 

2. Lower-middle to middle class people who spend more than they make, and are in regular financial crisis. 

3. Six figure earners who are two paychecks from disaster.

In many ways, all three groups are cash poor (they don't have cash on hand), but the consequences of that circumstance, the reason it happened, and the ways to overcome it, vary widely.


#22 Foster Care–We Actually Talk About it This Time.

July 11, 2017

Johnathon Eltrevoog (@johnnymornings) of the midwestern radio network WBGL (wbgl.org) comes back on and we actually talk abou what we said we would talk about last time--foster Care and adoption (Johnathon was on for episode 17, but I got a lot of feedback for a more in depth dive into foster care). 

For more on Safe Families, which is mentioned several times, visit http://safe-families.org/

The Cradle - provides adoption education and resources: http://www.adoptionlearningpartners.org/index.cfm

Crisis Nursery: There's no central site, but you can Google it to see if there's one in your area. 


#21 Trumpcare, the Poland/Russia Missile Situation and will America Become Canada in 2020 with Amanda Prestigiacomo of The Daily Wire

July 10, 2017

Amanda Prestigiacomo (@AmandaPresto) of leading conservative site The Daily Wire (@realDailyWire) joins me to talk about Trumpcare, US foreign policy under Trump vs. Obama, and whether or not we will wind up with a young, socialist President in 2020. 

Also, why does Twitter hate me (@sethtowerhurd)? 







#20 Leaving the NRA on NPR with Marine Veteran Joe Plenzler

July 8, 2017

Joe Plenzler (@joeplenzler on Twitter) @replied me last night that he was featured on NPR about quitting the NRA, and my last podcast episode influenced that decision. 

Chekc out the original piece from NPR here: 



#19 The Philando Castile Verdict with the National African American Gun Association

June 29, 2017

I've been an NRA member since childhood. But the lack of response from the lobbying group over the death of Philando Castile, a black concealed carry holder who was reaching for his license when he was shot 7 times at a routine traffic stop, has made me consider withdrawing. 

I discuss that case, and the role of guns in the Civil Rights struggle, with Jefferson Douglas of the National African American Gun Association.


#18 Civil War Monuments: How do we talk about history…with Elizabeth Elkins of Granville Automatic

June 26, 2017

As Civil War monumnts throughout the American Southeast come down, larger questions about American history arise. 

Like, is it OK to name a school after former President and KKK member Woodrow Wilson, due to the fact that his ideas would have stopped WWII from happening? 

What about Andrew Jackson, who both saved the Republic and massacred the Cherokee tribe? 

The answers aren't easy, but the conversation on trying to get there is fascinating. 

Check out Elizabeth's band: 





#17 Loving Kids Who Leave (Foster Care 101) with Johnathon Eltrevoog

June 20, 2017

Both the funniest and most heartbreaking episode so far.

We start out talking about the dumbest thing I did during my radio career (refusing to announce a tornado warning).

Then we go to why it's often not corporations who are the real gatekeepers of mainstream media...but a handful of consultants.

Finally, we get into foster care, and the heartbreaking and beautiful calling to love kids who may not get to stay with you. 


#16 “Militant Vegan Bisexual Athiest Queer” Country Singer Sarah Shook

June 16, 2017

This is the best episode so far, regardless of whether you wind up liking Sarah's music. 

Sarah Shook could be the next Chris Stapelton or Jason Isbell within the next two years.

But in the meantime, we discuss everything from debating bikers of the Confederate Flag, spar over sustainable farming vs. veganism,  and discuss how she became a country singer before she'd heard country music. 

Also, a big announcement in the first four minutes :)  







#15 The N-Word. Bill Maher was forgiven, John Mayer wasn’t…with Dometi Pongo of WGN Chicago

June 14, 2017

WGN Chicago's Dometi Pongo is a news anchor on one of the largest and most influential AM radio stations in America. 

The most popular guest on Neighbors Again so far returns to talk about Bill Maher's use of the n-word and why the public's reaction was different from a similar transgression from John Mayer. 



#14 Washington Post, The Week Contributor Tyler Huckabee on James Comey, “Secular Evangelicalism” and the Christian Left Movement

June 9, 2017

Tyler Huckabee has contributed to some of the most influential news outlets in America on politics, pop culture and religion, and formerly contributed a comedic take on the news to my (former) radio show, which aired in Chicago and Indianapolis. 

This is probably the most laugh-out-loud funny conversation thus far. 

Connect with him at twitter.com/tylerhuckabee