#43 This Young, Conservative Business Owner Doesn’t Like the Tax Cut (with Adam Kail)

November 8, 2017

Adam Kail is the CEO and founder of Harrison Gray Search and Brothers Leather Supply

He's also one of the five most popluar guests on Neighbors Again so far :)  

In this episode, Adam breaks down the proposed tax reforms, and goes into detail about why the housing market could be affected...and the amount of lobbying dollars that are being funneeled into both sides of the debate. 


#42 How to get in Rolling Stone, run two non-profits, have 6+1 kids and change your community with soul singer Brian Owens

October 31, 2017

This is an absolute must hear. Brian Owens is the most inspiring person I've had on Neighbors Again to date. 

Connect with Brian: website. Rolling Stone Feature. Twitter. Facebook


#41 Diversity Hiring? (and a lot more) with BJ Thompson of Build a Better Us

October 26, 2017

Connect with BJ on Twitter. Check out BJ's organization Build a Better Us

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#40 Who the Heck is Winning Politically Right Now? with Haydn Shaw of the Consultant and the Millennial Podcast

October 13, 2017

Haydn Shaw is one of the most brilliant business minds I've ever met, and my co-host on the career oriented podcast The Consultant and the Millenial. 

Hopefully you can find that show on iTunes or wherever you download podcasts by the time this is out...if not, check your podcast provider again in a few days. 


#39 Guns–Can We Agree on Anything? with NYC Pastor/Relevant Mag Writer Drew Griffin

October 12, 2017

Drew Griffin is a fellow writer for Relevant Magazine and penned an article entitled "Do We Love Amendments More than People" after the Vegas shooting.

The article link seems to be broken at the moment...but we try to find some common ground between pro and anti gun stances. 

Read more of Drew's work at relevantmagazine.com


#38 The Ignored Genocide of WWI with Rapper/Entrepenuer Ruslan

September 27, 2017

Ruslan Karaoglanov immigrated Southern California with his family as a young child.

He learned the immigrant work ethic from his parents and hip hop from the neighborhood. 

Which is a story we've heard before. What makes Ruslan unique is that his family are Armenians...6-8 million decendents of an ancient European empire who share a common language, culture and (often times) faith, but are scattered throughout the U.S., Russia, Brazil, Germany, Iran, Lebenan, and a handful of other countries. 

During WWI, the Ottoman Empire (modern day Turkey) murdered millions of Armenians. It's a travesty the United States still refuses to acknowledge due to relations with Turkey. 

For an episode about mass murder, we also have a lot of fun talking hip hop, entrepenuerism and adjusting to life in the United States. 

Check out Ruslan's latest project, Indie Jones, on iTunes. 

Connect with him via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and his website


#37 Refugees: Bring Them Here, Help Them There…or Both? With Griffin Jackson of Christianity Today, Chicago Tribune, Relevant Magazine

September 15, 2017

Griffin Jackson lived in Lebenan, a place where up to 1/3 of the entire (albiet tiny) nation is made up of refugees. 

For two people who share a very similar worldview and generally agree on how to handle the refugee crisis, we find a lot to disagree about. 

Connect with Griffin and read more of his writings at griffinpauljackson.com/


#36 Millennials & Socialism: Will America’s Most Liberal Generation Grow Out of It? (with Haydn Shaw)

September 1, 2017

Haydn Shaw is one of the foremost experts in America on generations...and also the other half of my new business podcast, The Consultant and the Millennial. (If you didn't get it, he's the consultant, I'm the Millennial). 

The name is screwed up on iTunes, so you can search for it by searching either "Seth Tower Hurd" or "Haydn Shaw" in your podcast player. 

Also, the pilot episode is at the end of this episode. 


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#35 “Killing Terorrists.” Trump’s Afghanistan Plan w/Helicopter Pilot KyleAnne Hunter

August 29, 2017

This episode was recorded on Thursday, 8/28...when Trump's Afghanistan plan was the biggest news in the nation. 

Within 24 hours of recording, Hurricane Harvey hit, Trump pardoned Joe Apiro, and declared that he would go after Dreamer immigrants and would move forward on the transgender military ban. 

But this is not a show that chases headlines for ratings or clicks. Neighbors Again is always a deep dive, so we're going to have to deal with all of this breaking news one piece at a time. 

Kyleanne Hunter is a combat vet helicopter pilot who has a foot in both the legislative and academic worlds. She joins me to discuss what victory in Afghanistan might look like, and how we can get there. 

Connect with her on Twitter


#34 Tin Foil Hats: Most Libertarians Don’t Wear Them with Chris Spangle of We Are Libertarians (Plus, my new business podcast)

August 22, 2017

Chris Spangle is hilarious, and one of the hosts of one of the best, most well thought out (and yet most irreverant) podcasts in the Libertarian space, We Are Libertarians

Connect with him on Twitter and Facebook.

Plus, my new podcast with Haydn Shaw on business, people management, profits, building a career is out (but iTunes screwed it up, so you might not be able to find it)...so it's at the end of this podcast.