#47 Unpacking the Black Conservative Perspective with Felicity Joy Solomon

June 21, 2018

Actress (The Chi) and upcoming talk show host Felicity Joy Solomon unpacks her conservative beliefs...and explains why the controversial black conservative movement, like Candace Owens and Kanye West, are gaining so much attention in 2018. 


#46 The “Gay, Liberal Horror Movie Screenwriter” Defending Roseanne and Free Speech with Brantley J. Brown

June 2, 2018

Note: Had an audio issue...gets better at minute 26. 


"I just can not help but categorize the complete cancellation of the Roseanne show as an overreaction. Not to mention the loss of syndication for the old episodes. There are so many people involved with that show who deserved none of what’s followed the infamous tweet. I can’t justify or condone what Roseanne says or does, but on the flip side, I can’t find any justification in the damage being done to the rest of the cast and crew. And that’s coming from a very openly gay Liberal/Democrat." 

That's the Facebook post that caused me to book horror screenwriter Brantley J. Brown for Neighbors Again. 

The conversation weaves in and out of politics, entertainment and censorship.

Brantley's first movie is slated for a summer 2019 release. 

Connect with Brantley: 

Talent Boom


Chuckles Movie Instagram

Chuckles Facebook



#45 Meek Mill Rejects Trump, Making it in Manhattan with NYC Broadcaster Melvin Taylor

May 19, 2018

Rapper Meek Mill pulls out of a meeting with President Trump over prison reform. 

It's one of the most overlooked stories of the week, and the main point of differing with my guest Melvin Taylor, a NYC radio and TV host who was formerly a student of mine. 

In this episode, we weave in and out of how worldview shapes (or breaks) success, why the most dangerous bullies in school are when one is teaching the class...and explore why so many people who say they want something never actually try. 

Check out Melvin on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


#44 Soooo…Kanye West. (With Sun Times/WGN Contributor Dometi Pongo)

May 9, 2018

I thought this podcast was done. But when I went to delete it, I found that it was still getting hundreds of downloads. 

I guess I should explain. I started Neighbors Again as a way to find common ground in an increasingly divided America. At the time, I had a full time job, and this was my only means to speak to the world. Then, I launched a company and joined two other podcasts, which now reach more than 70,000 people per month. (Want help starting your own podcast that reaches 10,000 in the first three months? Check this out).  Oh, and I wound up with a syndicated radio show. 

But when I went to delete Neighbors Again, I realized it was getting more than 100 downloads per month of old espisodes. Honestly, I had no idea anybody still cared. 

So, we're gonna try this again. 

My guest is Dometi Pongo, a contributor to WGN and the Chicago Sun Times. Check out Dometi's work. 







#43 This Young, Conservative Business Owner Doesn’t Like the Tax Cut (with Adam Kail)

November 8, 2017

Adam Kail is the CEO and founder of Harrison Gray Search and Brothers Leather Supply

He's also one of the five most popluar guests on Neighbors Again so far :)  

In this episode, Adam breaks down the proposed tax reforms, and goes into detail about why the housing market could be affected...and the amount of lobbying dollars that are being funneeled into both sides of the debate. 


#42 How to get in Rolling Stone, run two non-profits, have 6+1 kids and change your community with soul singer Brian Owens

October 31, 2017

This is an absolute must hear. Brian Owens is the most inspiring person I've had on Neighbors Again to date. 

Connect with Brian: website. Rolling Stone Feature. Twitter. Facebook


#41 Diversity Hiring? (and a lot more) with BJ Thompson of Build a Better Us

October 26, 2017

Connect with BJ on Twitter. Check out BJ's organization Build a Better Us

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#40 Who the Heck is Winning Politically Right Now? with Haydn Shaw of the Consultant and the Millennial Podcast

October 13, 2017

Haydn Shaw is one of the most brilliant business minds I've ever met, and my co-host on the career oriented podcast The Consultant and the Millenial. 

Hopefully you can find that show on iTunes or wherever you download podcasts by the time this is out...if not, check your podcast provider again in a few days. 


#39 Guns–Can We Agree on Anything? with NYC Pastor/Relevant Mag Writer Drew Griffin

October 12, 2017

Drew Griffin is a fellow writer for Relevant Magazine and penned an article entitled "Do We Love Amendments More than People" after the Vegas shooting.

The article link seems to be broken at the moment...but we try to find some common ground between pro and anti gun stances. 

Read more of Drew's work at relevantmagazine.com


#38 The Ignored Genocide of WWI with Rapper/Entrepenuer Ruslan

September 27, 2017

Ruslan Karaoglanov immigrated Southern California with his family as a young child.

He learned the immigrant work ethic from his parents and hip hop from the neighborhood. 

Which is a story we've heard before. What makes Ruslan unique is that his family are Armenians...6-8 million decendents of an ancient European empire who share a common language, culture and (often times) faith, but are scattered throughout the U.S., Russia, Brazil, Germany, Iran, Lebenan, and a handful of other countries. 

During WWI, the Ottoman Empire (modern day Turkey) murdered millions of Armenians. It's a travesty the United States still refuses to acknowledge due to relations with Turkey. 

For an episode about mass murder, we also have a lot of fun talking hip hop, entrepenuerism and adjusting to life in the United States. 

Check out Ruslan's latest project, Indie Jones, on iTunes. 

Connect with him via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and his website