#23 Desperate Poor, Stupid Poor or Six Figures But Flat Broke with CFO Scott Cooley

July 14, 2017

Scott Cooley, the son of a teacher and construction worker/farmer, grew up with me in Pike County, IL (the second poorest county in the state). He was able to climb to the top of the business game without the money and networking that comes from an upper-middle-to-wealthy upbringing. 

Which leads us to talking about three kinds of financial desperation: 

1. People who are born dirt poor, and struggling to keep food on the table. 

2. Lower-middle to middle class people who spend more than they make, and are in regular financial crisis. 

3. Six figure earners who are two paychecks from disaster.

In many ways, all three groups are cash poor (they don't have cash on hand), but the consequences of that circumstance, the reason it happened, and the ways to overcome it, vary widely.


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